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The Odorous House Ant is found throughout Nixa, Missouri. It earns its name by producing a foul, "rotten coconut" odor when crushed. Once inside, these ants construct their nests in wall voids, in crevices, sinks, cupboards, etc. Outside they are often located beneath a board, brick, rocks.

A single ant colony can contain thousands or even millions of ants. Most homeowners in Springfield and Battlefield have no idea that many do-it-yourself ant treatments can actually cause ants to scatter and start brand new colonies. If one colony in Republic or Nixa can contain millions of ants, the math of such a scenario should scare you.

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Our experienced ant control professionals in Nixa, Ozark, Springfield, Republic, Rogersville and Battlefield will analyze your home’s ant threat and determine the ant control method best suited for your situation and your family.

Don’t spend another moment dealing with or worrying about ants in Springfield, MO or Nixa, MO.

Why you might not want to try to care of ant problems yourself

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