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Cockroach control near you!

We offer a wide range of Residential or Commercial pest control solutions to address any pest problems you may be having.


German Cockroaches are usually found inside of kitchen. If infestation is bad they may be found in bathrooms and bedrooms also.


American Cockroaches may be found inside and out.




Oriental Cocroaches are normally found outside in damp areas.

The Bug Guy offers affordable pest control solutions that are customized just for you!

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Amazing facts about cockroaches


Did you know that the cockroach can live without its head for an entire week?

It can live without food for an entire month and even if you cut off its head, it would still be alive up to seven days before dying of thirst.

The female mates only once and is pregnant for the rest of her life.

Without control, one pair of German roaches can expand to more than 2 million in less than a year.


Roaches are found in every part of the U.S.

Roaches carry and spread diseases and are believed to spread viruses and their presence can cause allergic reactions for many people, especially asthmatic children.


We Specialize in cockroack control for Nixa, Battlefield, Springfield and surrounding areas!

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