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Wasps and Hornets

There are several species of wasps common to southwest Missouri, especially near Springfield and Nixa. A few are the Paper Wasps,Yellow Jackets, Mud Daubers, Cicada Killers and the Bald Faced Hornet. Understanding the wasps nesting habits and how they affect your outdoor areas can help you better identify them and know when wasp control needs to take place.

Bees, Wasps and Hornets

A wasp infestation can keep you from enjoying the outdoor spaces surrounding your home, as well as restrict your ability to conduct yard work. The sting of a wasp, while painful, does not seriously harm you unless you are allergic to the wasp's venom. Unlike bees, most species of wasps do not die after stinging just once as the stinger is not barbed like a bees is. This allows a Wasp or Hornet to be able to sting you multiple times, for this reason we recomend that you always have a professional pest control company remove them for you.

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