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Spider Control for Battlefield, Mo

How Did I Get Spiders?

How Do They Get In?

Loose window screens and small openings under doors, windows, and other areas are all possible entryways for a spider. These pests often move indoors when searching for food, warmth, or moisture. The presence of additional insects in homes is one reason spiders come inside. Spiders are also unknowingly brought inside homes by infested items such as plants, firewood, clothing and other items that may have been stored in attics, basements or storage areas.


Are Spiders Serious ?

Most spiders create little or no danger to people but some spiders can deliver bites that may cause medical issues. In Battlefield, Mo, the two most common hazardous spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow.


Keeping spiders and other pests out of your home is not a one-time treatment.

We can take care of any spider issues you may be experiencing.


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