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Got ants in Nixa?

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Odorous House Ant (OHA)

This is one of the most common ants we have in Nixa. When might you see them? Guess what they are active all year round. 


Most people call them sugar ants. These are tiny black ants that you may see in kitchens, bathrooms, outside, or really anywhere.  The problem with this species of ant is they have multiple queens and multiple nests. 


The Nixa and Fremont areas seem like they were built on a giant OHA hill. 


We’ve found large nests inside peoples walls and we’ve also seen  a small nest in a computer.  Control of these ants is very difficult. 


Spraying these ants with a repellent insecticide, like you’d buy from the store, will cause these ants to spread to other areas, so instead of killing the ants they are just causing them to move to other areas. 



If you have ant problems, you need The Bug Guy!




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