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Fleas in Republic Mo

Pest control in Republic MO can be a little tricky, especially in regards to flea infestations in your home. They are little annoying pests to both you and any pets you may have, but the worst thing about them is they can quickly become a full infestation in your home.


Fleas usually live about 100 days, during which time they will produce around 500 eggs per flea. One flea can very rapidly become a few hundred fleas in a very small amount of time. Fleas usually get into your house by traveling on host animals – your dog or cat, normally. Once you start see fleas in your house you should speak with a professional Republic Mo pest control company about treatment to eliminate this problem. Flea infestations are extremely difficult to control by yourself. Do-It-Yourself treatments can become very costly and time-consuming not to mention they may actually make the problem worse. 

Republic Mo Pest Control for Fleas

The Bug Guy is highly trained to deal with fleas in Republic MO. We can identify the infestation and eliminate it for good. You may be tempted to try it yourself. But just remember DIY flea removal products may not be able to eliminate the entire infestation, leaving you with a whole new infestation when the eggs hatch again in a month.


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