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Get Rid of Ants in Rogersville MO

Are ants crawling all over your kitchen counter? If you’re wondering how to get rid of ants, the experts at The Bug Guy can help solve and eliminate the ant problem.

Pest Control Rogersville for Ants

The most common ant seen in Rogersville Mo is The Odorous House Ants. They get the title Odorous from a strong coconut smell when they are crushed. They are very exasperating ants for homeowners to get rid of. The reason for this is due to a instinct the ants have, referred to by pest control companies as Budding. When ants do not return to the colony due to homeowner application of over-the-counter sprays, the colony will panic and split. Now you have created two colonies that are infesting your home or business.

Other ants in Rogersville include Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Ants live up to their name, they will actually bore holes and tunnels in the wood in your home or business. If left unchecked, these ants can do almost as much damage as termites will if given enough time.

Are you seeing large black ants making themselves at home on your deck or crawling around outside your home? Carpenter ants can be a threat to any homeowner as it is a real challenge to try to control a carpenter ant problem by yourself.

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Common signs of carpenter ant infestation:
Carpenter ant infestation signs are the appearance of large black ants, and/or the presence of course sawdust on the ground or other areas. Carpenter ants need and love moisture, and they will make their home in wood that is getting wet. They do not eat the wood but they will tear it out it to make their nests.

Where might you find carpenter ants:
Carpenter ant nests are usually found around moist damp areas, such as leaky roofs and windows, leaking pipes and clogged downspouts.

How do you treat for Carpenter ants?

Treatment may consist of spot interior application, and/or a thorough exterior service. We will also try to help you identify the moisture sources carpenter ants need, and make recommendations to fix leaking plumbing, unclog downspouts, and possibly thinning out shrubs and other landscaping around the exterior of the home.

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