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Fleas in Rogersville MO

No one likes to discover fleas in their house. Fleas bite and those bites can itch really bad. If you've ever had a flea bite you, you know exactly how true this is. But the itch of the bite is not the worst problem fleas bring into Rogersville area homes.
Fleas can carry diseases and parasites. The most known disease they can carry is the bubonic plague, which is still a threat even in our modern times.

Pest Control for Rogersville

Fleas can be extremely difficult to get rid of because they multiply so quickly. A flea lives for around 100 days. During that time, it can produce 400 to 600 baby fleas. We have found this leave homeowners frustrated when they try to use Do it yourself measures to get rid of them. Save yourself the extra cost and headache.


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