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Rogersville Spiders

Most spiders in the Rogersville Mo area are harmless to humans. Their important role in keeping insect populations under control far outweighs the small hazard caused by the spiders that occasionally bite humans. Only two groups of spiders– the brown recluse spiders and the black widow spiders – are considered poisonous to humans.

Brown Recluse

As their name suggests, the brown recluse spiders are generally shy. They do spin a nondescript white or grayish webs, where they may hide out during the day. They are predators of insects and other spiders. Their color varies from a orangeish yellow to a dark brown color.

The brown recluse’s most distinguishing characteristics are its six eyes arranged in three pairs in a semicircle on the front of the head. Unusual in spiders, this pattern helps to identify recluse spiders from other spiders. They also have a violin-shaped marking on the back. The violin marking may stand out or blend with the background color of the spider's body.

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow spiders may be found in protected areas outdoors. Around houses, they may live in sheds, garages, basements, rain down spouts, gas and electric meters, unused furniture, wood piles and other undisturbed places.


People are occasionally bitten when they accidentally disturb a hidden spider or its web. To avoid hidden spiders, check for them when putting on infrequently worn shoes or clothing.

Male widows and juvenile females usually have more color, with orange, red and white markings on the back and sides.

Some individuals have irregular or spot-like red markings while others have none at all.


The widows web is composed of coarse, irregular, tangled appearing webs. Over time they may extend out their webs to capture larger prey. Black widow males eventually leave their webs to find females for mating. 

Get rid of spiders

Dewebbing is just one of the additional things that The Bug Guy offers, when providing Rogersville pest control service for your home or business. This causes the spiders to come in contact with insecticide, leave the area or starve when they can't catch anything in the web to eat.

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