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Pest Control Springfield MO

Springfield, Missouri is a historic and friendly community located in the begining of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Springfield offers its residents a safe environment to live and raise a family in, and the best part is it's only a short 30-minute drive to Branson! Living in Springfield means that you can have a nice quiet place to call home while being in close distance to fishing, hunting, amusement park, lakes and plentiful entertainment and music options. The pest professionals here at The Bug Guy understand how important your family, home and business are to you, which is why we offer the most effective pest control services that quickly eliminate any pest problem in any Springfield home or business. Let The Bug Guy take care of your Springfield Pest Control needs!

Pest control in Springfield MO for ants, termites, spiders, snakes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, and virtually every other household pest.

Springfield Exterminator

What You Can Expect From Your Springfield Exterminator

Our Pest Control Professionals in Springfield are knowledgeable and able to handle whatever pest control problems your Springfield Mo home or business is currently dealing with. Whether you have ants, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, or anything else, our Springfield Pest Control team at The Bug Guy will take care of it! Our pest control services in Springfield MO include:

  • Inspecting your home or business to develop a custom pest treatment plan

  • Interior and exterior treatments to rid your home or business of pests and keep them out

  • Removing spiderwebs on exterior


If your business or home is being invaded by pests, we will do whatever it takes to get rid of them. For Pest Control in Springfield, you need to contact The Bug Guy today!


Protect Your Springfield, Mo Business from Pests

At The Bug Guy, we take great pride in our commitment to providing our commercial customers with Pest Control Solutions that eliminate and prevent problems with insects, roaches, rodents, and more.

Our professionals are trained and understand how to protect your business from the pests that live in Springfield, MO area. The Bug Guy will provide on-going services to ensure that pests are eliminated from your business.

Bed Bug Control in Springfield MO

Bed bugs are able to be brought into your home without you noticing. They can get inside your backpack, hitchhike inside your luggage, or climb into your purse or coat. Just a few bed bugs can quickly turn into a infestation, making life miserable. That’s why it’s important that you act quickly and seek out The Bug Guy for professional pest control bed bug treatment in Springfield.


We know how difficult finding bed bugs can be. Even though Do it yourself treatments may be tempting, One of the biggest problems with DIY pest control is it only eliminates the few bed bugs you can see. Usually missing the ones that are hiding in the cracks and crannies found throughout your bedroom or home. The bedbugs that survive DIY treatments often spread out to other rooms, searching for an area where they won’t be disturbed, making the infestation even worse. Our options for pest control bedbug treatments in Springfield include:

  • Liquid applications: A time tested and tried treatment that eliminates bed bugs on contact.


  • Mattress encasements: These mattress encasements prevent bed bugs from taking over your mattress.

Rather than make things worse by do it yourself methods, trust The Bug Guy to get things done right the first time. Call us today to learn more about our bed bug treatment options!

Pest Control For Springfield & Surrounding Areas

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