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Wasp, Hornet and Bee Removal

The Bug Guy knows that bees, hornets and wasps can not only be a nuisance but may be a danger for your home or office. There are several types of  wasps and hornets that we deal with in the Springfield Mo area, many of them are aggressive and will sting to protect their colonies. This is just one reason to use a professional pest control company when dealing with these flying stinging insects.

Hornets and Wasps in Springfield Mo

Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Wasps can be aggressive if their nest is disturbed, even accidentally. The entire nest needs to be removed or treated to kill any of the hive that may be out foraging. The nests may be found in trees, under a overhang (like pictured above). Sometimes they will even be found nesting in the ground. 

These insects pose a very real danger to you and your family. If they are at your business, they pose serious risks to your employees and customers!


If you are seeing any signs of wasps, hornets, yellow jackets or bees around your home or business - You need to call The Bug Guy Now!



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